School Meals

School Meals


Below is a link to the School Menu for September 2023


Healthy Eating

As a school, we employ a healthy eating policy. In order to be successful, we ask for your support in this important matter. For break, children are encouraged to:

• Bring fruit or vegetables of their choice.

• Drink milk or water only. NO fizzy drinks.

We would like to remind parents that due to a number of our children having allergies to nuts, St Mary's on the Hill is a NUT FREE ZONE. Parents must ensure that nuts, peanuts and food containing nuts, e.g. nut yogurts, nut sandwich spreads or cereal bars are not sent in for break or lunch .

Free School Meals

The application process for free school meals/uniform has to be applied for each year.  Parents who are currently eligible to apply for free meals/uniform should now complete their application. Please note that entitlement to free school meals will attract funding to the school’s budget. Whether your child wishes to partake of a meal or not is down to individual choice. We would really encourage parents who fall into this category to please make an application as soon as possible for the incoming academic year. Application forms may be obtained via the Education Authority website – or alternatively by contacting Free School Meals Section on 028 2566 1355.  Forms are also available from the school.  Should you have any further queries regarding this, please contact the school office.  See attached leaflet from the Education Authority.

School Dinners

Dinners are available on a daily basis and are cooked on site. A copy of the dinner menu is available at the top of the page.  Thursday’s Chicken Curry is a particular favourite. Parents can view, select and pay for dinners by logging on to School Money using your unique username and password which was issued to you.  Your child's dinner should be ordered before midnight prior to the day it is required.  Please contact the school if you have any problems.  We require every parent to use this facility.


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