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The Eco-Schools programme provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness throughout the school in a way that links many curriculum subjects. Our primary aim regarding this scheme is to give the children the opportunity to make our school more energy efficient.

Each month, two children from each class are chosen as Eco Warriors. (Primary One are involved in this after Christmas.) The pupils carry out various duties every day, such as switching off lights and whiteboards, closing doors and checking taps.  Their photos are displayed on the Eco Schools notice board in the assembly hall and in their own classroom.

We currently hold the Green Flag Award. Organisation logo

Our Eco Councillors




Joel Hanna, Aaron Connolly, Lucy McFarlane


Niamh Scott, Cara Gallagher, Ella Magennis


Cillian McMullan, Niamh Doran, Jack Moran


Andrea Bradley, Harry Cranston, Fionn Marley


Naomi Adams, Kryspin Biernat,Cara Caddell


Ava McStravick,Gabriela Maksymiuk,Jake Kemp


Sophie Agnew,Niamh Boyle,Joe Brennan


Erin McGuigan, Natalia Czyz,Patrick McReynolds

   After conducting an Environmental Review, the Eco Council have decided that the major

topic we should focus on is Outdoor Learning.  We are trying to come up with lots of new ideas to get us outside and using our school grounds more often. 

They have also chosen two minor topics to focus on and they are Recycling/Waste and Energy.  For the rest of this school year, their aim will be to promote different ways of recycling within the school and reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.  Our Eco Warrior scheme will continue and the Eco Council would like the Eco Warriors to play a more prominent role in the reduction of energy usage in our school on a daily basis.

Our application for our second Green Flag has been submitted!

                                                                     Mrs Birt

(World Around Us Co-ordinator)

Eco Schools Update

The Eco Council have been working extremely hard on their three chosen topics of Outdoor Learning, Waste/Recycling and Energy.  Below is a brief summary of the work they have carried out to date.

Outdoor Learning

  • 28/8/18 staff from P1-P4 met to agree on Outdoor Learning agenda.  Template drawn up for each year group to complete.  Timetable agreed for use of resources for P1 and P2
  • Early years meeting to discuss outdoor learning.  All agreed that it is going well.
  • P4 conduct sound survey outside
  • P4 test their string telephones outside
  • Walking Wednesday – the Eco Council meet with Mr Conway on 12/2/19 with this proposal.  He agrees to trial it for one month for P4-P7.  He will meet with them again to make final decision.
  • Walking Wednesday takes place each Wednesday in March for P4 – P7 with each class completing a mile on that day.
  • 1/4/19 – Eco Council meet with Mr Conway again to discuss feedback from Walking Wednesday survey with staff and pupils.  He has agreed that this scheme can continue until the end of the school year.


  • Food caddy bin in each classroom and staffroom.  These are used for all food waste and emptied by Eco Warriors after lunch every day.
  • 13/11/18 Survey conducted on single use plastic water bottles – 51.5% Single use    48.5% Reusable bottles
  • Signed up for EWWR week – lots of activities planned.
  • 20/11/18 – Paper Free Morning held. All classes refrained from using paper from 9:00 until 12 noon
  • 22/11/18: Cash for Clobber collection raised £144
  • Scrap free Thursday – all food waste returned home to make children more aware of what they are throwing away.
  • 27/11/18: Recycling Bus from Newtownabbey borough Council visited the school – P4 and P6 classes completed activities.
  • 11/3/19 Survey repeated on single use plastic bottles

20% single use 80% reusable


  • Eco Warrior Scheme – two children chosen from each class each month to carry out duties to save energy.
  • 22/11/18 As part of EWWR week we held a Power Down Hour.  All classes switched off electrical devices and lights for one hour – we saved 36 units of electricity which equates to approximately £6


*The Green Flag Application was submitted on the 24th January 2019*

Mrs Birt     (World Around Us Co-ordinator)

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