School Council

School Council

Pupils feel happier and participate more effectively in their education when their ideas are listened to and their opinions are valued.  In St Mary’s on the Hill, we believe that pupils should have their voices heard.

The School Council is a formal group of pupils from Year 4 -7, elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils.  It is a forum through which the pupils can contribute to the life of the school.  The School Council members will be selected in November 2018.

'Through the highly effective school council, the children undertake leadership roles, which have brought about improvement in lunch provision and play facilities and in addition, have informed school improvement.' ETI 2016/17

P4A Mrs Mc Convey/Mrs Birt P4B Mrs Mc Intyre
P5A Mrs Thompson P5B Mrs Carey
P6A Mr McEvoy P6B Mrs Dempsey
P7A Mrs Nolan/ Ms Walsh P7B Mrs Niblock      

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